Thank you for the feedback. More below the cut.

We were thinking about trying a new layout, tell us what you think in the comments!

(This is especially important if you don’t like it.)


The newest posts will always be on top/higher. Just let your eyes follow the page down~

Wider layout, but still good for min. width of 1024.

– Header = Home button.

– At the top of each post are links to the previous and next posts

– Comment boxes look more distinct and cooler.

About/Crediting/Meta at the bottom.

– 2 column post layout means less scrolling on front page

– The overall look is much cleaner.

– Links turn pink on hover!

We’ve received a much more mixed reaction than was expected. In general, the overall reaction was positive. It seems most people having troubles with the layout find the 2 staggered columns confusing. We’ll try it out for a bit and see how things go. It’s also a big change for the staff here as well, but it may end up being more beneficial once we get used to it. I personally really liked the staggered newspaper-like look, it gives the site a bit of.. character? I just let my eyes follow the page downwards and the flow (in a weird way) made sense. In chaos, there is order? But that’s just me.

Unlike other sites using the self-hosted wordpress platform or paying for the ability to use CSS, we actually lack a lot of customization options since we don’t pay. We pick one of the preset layouts, do what we can, and that’s about it. We would never put ads up to help supplement this cost, any ads on this site are put in by wordpress (since again, we’re using the free one).  So as far as some suggestions go, unfortunately we can’t do them.

I think when it comes to multiple column layouts, people are used to seeing a more grid-like setup *ahem*. The problem with that type of layout is that it usually requires an image (to be cut for the preview box), and also restricts the length of how much text comes before the cut to keep things uniform. As writers, we like the ability to put an appropriate intro/teaser/image/video to our posts for the front page, and not just cut the first 140 characters with ‘…’ like many ‘professional’ blog sites do. This is why our front page is not a uniform direction in the new layout, because it won’t always be left -> right, left -> right due to different heights. The next post will just go to the highest available space. This particular layout would work better with shorter post previews on the front page, which is why it probably doesn’t look so hot with those long images we currently have in a few posts that offsets everything. But again, we don’t like to be restricted to what we can and can’t do, and those big images are awesome so there’s positives and negatives.

That said, I do understand how it may be confusing and crowded, especially on a netbook screen (I have one). Overall though, I do think this theme is a big improvement from our last one. Maybe we’ll get used to the 2 columns, maybe we won’t. Only time will tell, and we’ll make a decision when appropriate. Until then, please continue to stand by our side.