Another fan account went up on Soompi. Again, thanks to Silis7Noy2 for the translation. SNSD bias aside, it was pretty interesting to me.

… It’s a little lousy but I took my fanart of the girls (with Taeng in the middle) and when Taeyeon’s mom saw it she didn’t look for Taengoo first but she started from the left and noted each member, like this is who and who, in a tender voice TT TT Pointing at Seohyun she said Aigoo so cute kekeke Thanks mom for recognizing each of the girls TT TT

… Being a fan of idol at this age it’s the first time for me, and sheepishly I told Taeyeon’s mom that Taeyeon and SNSD are such fascinating people to me. And she smiled and said the girls are amused too that they are liked so much and wonder what people see in them..
Mom said the girls still don’t completely understand this… so mom often tells Taeyeon about the fans that visit and what kind of fans are there and says Taeyeon is fascinated and loves to hear about them…

… While we were talking she received a call from the girls. She seemed so much happy to hear the other end so I thought it was Taeyeon but I heard her talking, “Oh Yuri I enjoyed watching the show on Saturday~ Seohyunee too~ Say hello to Taeyeon for me! Don’t skip your meals! Stay healthy!” so I saw it were other members who called…
She says the girls regularly call her (She talks with Taeyeon daily of course) and the girls are always affable, calling her mom or mother. I was touched to hear that kekeke

… Taeyeon during her vacation trip kept getting calls from the other members nonstop!! So popular kekeke. Taeyeon’s mom asked her”You girls will soon be back at dorm living together why are you missing each others so much already” and Taeyeon said “Well yeah hehe” kekeke

Last night Taengoo called mom to ask about how to cook some dish… Then moments later she called again and said the girls are hungry because she messed up the dish, so the girls went out to eat kekekeke

… Carefully I asked Taeyeon’s mom about the Japan plans… she said the girls are excited that it’s a new challenge for them and at the same time there’s some nervousness … she didn’t know how long they’ll stay… I told her the girls are loved so much in Korea, SM won’t let them stay in Japan too long and mom smiled mysteriously… She says Taeyeon has been studying Japanese for a while on every chance she can~ Can we see Taengoo do some gags in Japanese!! kekeke

… It may be a trivial thing but whenever Taeyeon’s mom was mentioning the girls she would call them “children”… “woori children”, I felt so good hearing that.. In conclusion she is the one who brought up Taeyeon and from today’s meeting I can understand where Taeyeon’s character comes from.

The kind of bond these girls have amazes me. Apparently, the girls are so close that they call each others’ mothers just to talk…? All I have to say is wow. I barely ever call my OWN parents (even when they’re out of town), let alone my friends’. Is this normal? xD

Judging from what Taengoo’s mom said, it doesn’t look like SNSD really has much to do now except await their arrival on Iwo Jima for the invasion plan in Japan. The girls are already showing off their Japanese!. They have a ways to go, but that’s what these next 2 months are for, right? Besides, Fany already has the “loli” vibe down. Am I right? What?