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Updated: Pricing, pre-order, region code, and which edition to buy.

In light of soshi’s Japanese promotions, we have news that a DVD will be released on August 11th, and a showcase concert at the Ariake Coliseum follows on August 25th. But what will the contents of the DVD set be,  if not JeTi ?

Alright! Enough with the mumbo jumbo. News has it that the DVD will contain 7 music videos and a special clip of the girls’ popularity in Korea. Yes. Seven! But, none of which we haven’t seen of in HQ/HD.

Title: “SNSD’s Arrival ~ Japan Arrival Commemoration Disc ~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation

1. Into The New World – Debut song + 1 M! Countdown win.

2. Girls’ Generation – Remake of Lee Seungchul’s hit song.

3. Kissing You1 K-Chart win.

4. Gee9 consecutive K-Chart wins. 11 wins in total. Swept 3 Daesang awards for 2009.

5. Genie2 consecutive K-chart wins + 1 mutizen win. + Taeyeon’s tears.

6. Oh!5 consecutive K-Chart wins + Triple crown.

7. Run Devil Run2 K-Chart wins + 2 Mutizens.

8. SNSD’s Arrival *Special clip available only on this DVD.

There is no news about the price nor sneak peaks of the DVD set as of yet. There will also be 2 versions of the DVD: the regular [¥ 3,990 (~ US $ 44)] and limited edition [¥ 7,400 (~ US $ 81)]. Regular edition consists only of the DVD, whereas the limited edition features a special lightstick, passholder, and ticket to soshi’s showcase concert.

You can pre-order here:

Amazon Japan:  Limited Edition, Regular Edition

CD Japan: Regular Edition,  [LE Sold Out]

Please buy the regular edition unless you can go to the showcase; we wouldn’t want to see half empty seats for the girls! Also, please note that the DVD is locked to Region 2 (which, according to wikipedia means: “Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, French overseas territories, Greenland”).

Good plan to promote the DVD together with the showcase concert. I bet Sones (especially Japanese sones) are saving up to welcome the arrival of Shoujo Jidai.

I can almost hear the group chants: Konichiwa! Watashi-tachi wa Shoujo Jidai desune!

Video Credits: galio09, thicindy, GG9family, konroll, tetejjang, kmumon, @ YouTube + Peach@Soshified.com + last.fm + allkpop + sookyeong.

Written by: ruraldaze @ snsdkorean.

Source: Tower Records, special thanks to reader vanbun.