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It’s that time again… right now it’s Seobaby week~!
(well, less than a week now…)

As the youngest member in Soshi, Seobaby sometimes gives off an even more mature aura than her 8 unnies. Ironically however, some of this maturity can be attributed to her innocent views. Let’s take a look at some of the things that make her the real maknae in the group, despite first impressions and Sunny’s attempts at the spot.

1. Her love for Keroro. There are several reasons as to why she has little interest in boys: Johnny Depp, Sweet Potatoes, and this little green frog. Protagonist of the manga and anime series Keroro Gunso (Sergeant Keroro), Seohyun’s love is actually the opposite of our maknae: a lazy, cowardly character that tries to invade Earth and loves building Gundam models. Who knew? Maybe this is her definition of a ‘bad boy’. ;3

2. Her love for animations in general. While not quite up to par with her love for Keroro, Seobaby enjoys watching other cartoons and animated media; she’s probably the biggest otaku out of 9. Notable mentions include the anime Nodame Cantabile (a highly recommended watch!), in addition to her voice acting role in the 2010 animated movie Despicable Me as Edith.

Nodame Cantabile

Despicable Me

3. Unlike Taeyeon-unnie and Sunny-unnie, Seobaby is one of the members that has a hard time holding back her tears. Whether it’s a sad moment or a happy one, we can see her true feelings. Despite her attempts at trying to hold it in, being the youngest in a group of 9 is hard work y’know?

4. She’s stubborn in her ideals and sticks with them. It can be nutrition, sleeping habits, or just about anything else; if Seororo believes it to be true, then even her 8 unnies will have trouble convincing her. Luckily, Soshi has her on their side. ^^

5. While Seohyun doesn’t have aegyo that calls for a punch, a kick, or a stick; she possesses something even more unique: the power of an aegyo that fails. Fortunately, failure has never been so kyaahhhhh~! cute.

In contrast to her love for cartoons and an unmatched failgyo, Seohyun is also one of the most mature members in the group. With a focus on the future, an interest in world issues, and knowledge of multiple languages, there’s a lot that we can learn from this girl. Whether it be as an idol, or following the footsteps of Ban Ki Moon as a UN Secretary-General, you know she’ll make it far one day. But for now, she’s just the innocent maknae in the girl group that’s about to take over the world.

Happy Birthday Seo Joo Hyun.

(In 5 days… XD More Seo-related posts to come!)

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