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Good news for SeoMates! It seems that Seohyun has been chosen to sing a track for an upcoming drama OST, to be released on the 25th.

She’s been involved in some other projects such as JeTiHyun and Jjarajajja but this is the first time she’s been going solo! Congrats to her heheh. With her sweet and stable voice that’s somehow both young and mature sounding, she’ll do a great job.

Another solo OST under SNSD’s belt to join Sunny’s ‘Finally Now‘, ‘You Don’t Know Love‘ and ‘Your Doll‘, Tiffany’s ‘By Myself‘, Taeyeon’s ‘Can You Hear Me‘ and ‘If‘, SooRi’s ‘Kkok‘, plus a myriad of other great songs by the group! It seem Jessica is the only main vocalist without an OST now…C’mon Sica! Keep up!

In other news, you remember those hand-moulds that a bunch of female idols made to be put up for a charity auction right? Well, Yoona‘s hand-moulds are currently leading the pack. Sailing ahead of everyone else at no.1, also with another fisted hand-mould at no.4. SoShi powerrrr. Truly a hand-mould among hand-moulds!!

…That entire paragraph was really strange to write.

And just because it never hurts to hear about other idols, the others in the top ten are;
Kara’s Seungyeon, Hara, Nicole and Jiyoung, After School’s UEE and Kahi, BEG’s Gain and 4Minute’s Hyunah.

It’s for a good cause, so go-go Yoona’s hand-moulds!

source; silis7noy2, naver, gdnite
article by; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean