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Sadly with Sunny and Yuri’s departure from Invincible Youth, it means that everyone’s beloved 1+1 Folding Screen couple Hyomin and Sunny have had to break up.

…Or not?

On the 16th, the Invincible Youth cast (the new one) had a press conference where they answered questions about the show. When asked about Sunny, Hyomin began to get teary-eyed and stated that she “thinks it’s time to use what Sunny has taught me before.” Hyomin was also a total rookie when she began the show but when she talked about the new cast who are new to variety she said “Jooyeon is similar to me. I actually said that I will teach her about the entertainment world, but it’s too much burden to me. Now I know how Sunny felt about me.

She also mentioned that “While filming, I called Sunny and told her things. I asked her, ‘What should I do now?’ – she answered be without hesitation: ‘Do it! Do well even without me’ and she even texted me.

The hilarious Shinyoung revealed that Sunny had told her at one point, “Hyomin is actually and introvert. She’ll treat you differently if you’re kind to her.” Everyone laughed at this point, even the crying Hyomin who replied in jest that Sunny is “not even my boyfriend...” Narsha poked some fun and asked “Both of them are not dating. Or are they?

Hyomin expressed thanks to Sunny and said “I’m crying because I’m really thankful to Sunny. Now I will try to adapt and do well by myself.

Haha, as Sunny puts it, I’m sure Hyomin is “ready to stand on her own” now. But I hope to see more 1+1 off IY in the future heheh. Sunny definitely took really good care of the rookies on the show, especially Hyomin.

A new episode of We Got Married with the crazy popular Yonghwa and Seohyun couple also aired, so here are some cuts:

Seohyun playing guitar and singing;

Yonghwa getting jealous over Jung Mo;

Plus the preview for the next episode;

Taeng = Umma. Hyo = adores Seobaby the most. Fany = most protective member.
Anybody else sooo looking forward to this? XD

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article by; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean