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My Baby Girlll 😦

SM Entertainment released a statement today regarding Tiffany’s throat condition again.“It is true that she has been receiving outpatient treatment. But her conditions are not that bad.”

The representative also stated that although her condition isn’t extremely bad, doctors will continue to monitor it. With this issue now, we don’t know if we will see the YulTi duo this Saturday on Music Core. SM is now having some talks with the production crew and we should hear about a decision soon.

😦 Well first things first..I hope you feel better. Now your activities with Yul will have to be calmed down a bit.. I wish you a speedy recovery ;D

But for reals now

Back during the Oppa Napp productions Tiff had already begun suffering from singer’s nodules which is basically where a clump of mass grows on your vocal cords due to strain (somewhere along that line) on the cords. That led to the huskier voice she has now. I hate to admit it since she had to go through some pain to get the huskier voice…but it’s kinda..hot.

Not really sure what happened to Tiffany to bring back the throat conditions. Maybe it’s just some minor problems and they just gotta start watching out for it. It doesn’t help that this girl can’t stop singing and talking!

Before I end this post we got some..brighter (?) news?

How about a rumor for possible sm summer album

Supposedly a person from a photography studio has reported that on 22nd there will be album jacket shooting for Boa, SNSD, f(x)

If this rumor is true it may be something like female artists only smtown summer album, as opposed to the boys’ sm summer album last year

credits to silis7noy once again for that piece of info! Let’s hope this is true, I don’t mind a kpop filled summer!

Picture credits; soompi.
news source: sookyeong@wordpress.com
writer: bosslady@snsdkorean.wordpress.com