…because JeTi is here.

No, but seriously. I didn’t name this post that only because I have the power to spite a few specific readers from the Chatroll. No sir. What would make you think that?

Oh yes, I did.

Anyway, it was recently brought to the world’s attention that Jungcest actually do get into quarrels.

I mean, it’s only natural, right?
But this goes even further. Jessica has actually stolen money from Krystal before!

Well, this is still natural too… I guess? I mean, my sister steals from me all the time.

Well, okay. Maybe I haven’t proven anything, and you might be thinking Jungcest still has a chance. However, what do you think Sica did with that money?. I’ll give you a hint. It probably has something to do with the movie theater and Tiffany.

Credits; durhurhur@tumblr.com

Credits; SoShiSooRi@snsdkorean.wordpress.com