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Yerppp. It’s no doubt that after S♥nes read about Japanese former singer and current model, Umeda Erika, supporting the girls’ upcoming debut in Japan as well as MEG, they were overjoyed knowing there are some Japanese celebrities who got the girls’ backs (…or the proper way of saying it, anticipating and supportive of the girls’ debut).

There’s definitely proof because more Japanese celebrities are found posting about the girls’ upcoming debut on their blogs.

Among them, is Fukuoka Sayaka (30 years old actress and talent/Gravure Idol with a focus in swimsuit modeling).

Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome (^-^)
Continuing since last year (^O^)
It was wonderful. As expected, I’m impatiently waiting for their live songs (*_*)

This year, KARA and others are having their Japanese debut, I want to go to SNSD’s concert (*.*)

For the past 5 years…I’ve just been listening to KPOP \(^O^)

2. Seo Akiko (26 years old talent/Gravure Idol with a focus in swimsuit modeling) posted,

SNSD has decided to debut in Japan.

I want to hurry and see them.

Lately, Nori and I have been studying Korean, and it’s naturally fun.

However, it’s also hard.

At Purikura, we tried hard to write “SNSD” (in Korean) but we couldn’t write “I love you” so it’s not perfect.

Don’t mind me.

Our latest progress in purikura is remarkable.

TL Note: Purikura is a Japanese photobooth.

She also posted before that,

This is SNSD’s photobook “Girls”

So inside this big box was the photobook and DVD.

I can’t bear it.

Since it’s photographed in Japan, I was happy to see things like Eno Island being photographed.

I’m so excited, sorry for the sloppy sentences.

So pretty!

I’m happy~.

Well, I think I’ll watch the DVD.
I want to see SNSD~.

3. Enosawa Manami (13 years old fashion model and actress) posted,


This is all that I bought <-
I bought a bag, towel, notebook and poster <-

If you go where I was today, have fun! ^^v

Also, So Nyuh Shi Dae AKA Shoujo Jidai whom I love will be coming to Japan in the summer!!

I really recommend them, so check them out please ^^v

I often talk about SNSD with Yonemura Misaki from my same company.

By the way, I can dance to Gee, Genie and Oh!, but not perfectly (Haha)

Just a bit of information ^^v

Well, until my next update ❤

4. Arihara Kanna (16 years old former member of C-ute with Umeda Erika) posted,

Q: Is your favorite flower a Canna? (TL Note: In katakana it’s written as Kanna, same as her name)
A: Yes, I like those~
I also like Sweet Osmanthus.

Q: Think about “Mari” as becoming one of your nicknames!
A: Marilyn Monroe! ❤
Is that okay?

Q: Who’s your favorite SNSD member?
A: They’re all cute, I like them all ❤
But, I pick Jessica!

Q: Do you plan on going to the Imperial Palace?
A: I haven’t made plans yet (/_・、)
But, please wait

Q: Do you like cats?
A: I like them a lot.
Even though they’re moody I like them.

Q: Until now, what has been your happiest moment?
A: I’ve done so much, I can’t think of just one x_X

Q: Do you know globe? (TL Note: globe is a band)
A: I know them

Q: Do you know “Momoiro Clover”? (TL Note: This is another girl idol group that formed in 2008)
A: ? I don’t know them….
I’ll look them up

Q: How can you dislike umeboshi (dried plum)?
A: Whatヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ?
I like like LOVE them!
I’ve never disliked umeboshi (Haha)

Q: Do you take short cuts?
A: Right now there aren’t any~

Q: What do you think of the Democratic Party administration?
A: I watch the news, but I don’t really follow that stuff

Q: Which is better, ipad or the iphone?
A: Both are good! Kk
Ipad is currently a hot topic though

Q: What’s your favorite Bou?
A: Salami flavor.

Q: What’s your favorite rice ball ingredient?
A: tsunamayo~

Q: What time is it right now?
A: It’s 9 right now!

Q: What’s your favorite anime?
A: I love Sailor Moon~
Also, I occasionally watch Sergeant Keroro (Haha)

Q: Barley tea or water?
A: Royal milk tea

What’s your favorite SNSD song?
Answer: “Oh!” and “Kissing You”
The Music Videos are also cute

Until Later!

She also posted before that,


So delicious!

The other day I went to take pictures.
It was fun~ ^^

Today I’ll also do my best <33

I’m off!

Oh! Everyone likes SNSD, right? ^^

Kanna also loves SNSD!
I totally admire their beauty~

5. Ooide Chihiro (23 years old fashion model) posted,

After morning, Aram made us some extremely spicy Korean ramen which made everyone go “HEEE HAAAA” while talking, but we still ate it because it was so delicious ❤ (Haha)

I like spicy things, they’re irresistible ^^ ❤

I watched SNSD and Big Bang on YouTube, I just kept looking at how cute they are ^^ (haha)

And we can not forget about Umeda Erika, who posted about the girls once again.

Everyooone~ Yesterdaaay

I finally debuted (on “Now”)~ ❤

YAAY ^_-v

Now I wanted to do more TT

But I did’t know how so I could not TT Haha

Because after this I’m going to be going non-stop, ^_-v

Everyone will do their best to come along with me, right? ^^ <33

Also, you wrote Re: Since you’re going to be doing “now”, you’ll really check everyone’s comments right~? ^^

I’d like to look at conversations like that, it’s enjoyable~

Okay! I’ve talked too much lol ^_- <3333

Well, I’m going to wear my SNSD socks and goo *_*


She’s so cute. Love how she even has a pair of SNSD socks :]

Certainly, the girls’ upcoming debut in Japan is becoming a hot issue and the latest topic on many Japanese celebrities’ blogs lately. I’m personally happy and glad that more Japanese celebrities are hyped for girls’ generation’s debut just as we are.

All Japanese translations (quoted) above by Kanki@Soshified.com

Source: Soshified

Blog Pictures Cropped by ferrerorocher9@SNSDkorean.wordpress.com