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[Updated with subbed video!]

Goo Hyesun & Yoona

On the recent episode of KBS2 Win Win, multi-talented artist Goo Hyesun revealed that she is a fan-girl of SNSD Yoona. Goo Hyesun, whose claim to fame was her role as Geum JanDi in popular k-drama Boys Over Flowers, also revealed how she even took the initiative to get Yoona’s phone number through SNSD’s choreographer. Since then, they have texted each other but have never met in person.

Yoona was the second surprise guest for Goo Hyesun on the program. On the video you can how excited Hyesun is upon meeting her favorite girl, Yoona. She was so excited that she shed a little tears of happiness. Meanwhile Yoona also revealed how she’s also a fan of Hyesun… so they ended up fangirling each other.  Aww, isn’t this so adorably refreshing?

video credits: ssfsubs3 [will be taken down after 3 days]

Seriously, they are so cute together that the MCs teased how they act like as if they’re in blind-date and how they should just get married already. Kid leader Taeyeon who is  also the MC of the show said it the best, “They’re in love~.”  XD

Sweet and Sour Pork Party

Get in the line! One more guy to sweet and sour pork party~ oh wait, does Hyesun count?

YoonYul, YoonHyo, and YoonSic Yoona-SoShi pairings are forever the best, but I’d ship Hyesun-Yoona better than any Yoona-male!celebrities pairing. Not that I prefer girlxgirl pairing but it’s because, unlike Hyesun, those guys above don’t even have guts to contact Yoong in real life, behind all the cameras — or so Yoona claimed. So yay for Hyesun!

I remember there once an article about how netizens claimed that Goo Hyesun and Yoona have the image of grandmas. I don’t know if that supposed to be a compliment or an insult, but whatever, haha I ship this grandma-like pairing! XD


Credits; Asiae (Translation: susAmerica@Soompi), Video: ssfsubs3
by crazy51@snsdkorean