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So I decided to put up a new post that follows the >>first part<< of the photo book series. Will we (unfortunate souls) be able to witness all 354 pages, or get a glimpse of more of the DVD contents? Will we ever know if SunYeon walked together by the beach, holding hands under the sunset? Would we be able to sleep well, knowing that YoonYul played together on the sand in the DVD? Would Spiderman Taeng and Mary-Jane Fany be able to rekindle the upside down kiss? But most importantly, would Jessica be jealous? All these questions will be answered in this post (or not).

So fantasies aside, there are several more parts of Day 2 and Day 3 uploaded in the same channel you have watched parts of Day 1 of. But, before I do, be warned that these video clips will be made private by the YouTube uploader after a few days in order to avoid his/her channel getting the strike for copyright infringement. So don’t bookmark it for future viewing; watch it ASAP! That is all for for DVD contents, all 69 minutes were uploaded!

As for the pictures, a new batch has surfaced! But once again, pardon me if you found any repeated pictures.

Picture credits: nmm, mossy, bekkychan, 2uss, choyon, hotchocolatelove, mirabar, LaBelle, nishirichard, as tagged.

Video credits: SNSD790705 @ YouTube.

Written by: ruraldaze @ snsdkorean.