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[Updated w/ Seohyun’s Aegyo + Episode Links + Star King]

To celebrate their 2ooth episode, the Infinity Challenge cast got together to celebrate and even made a music video all about food that includes 32 seconds of our very own ShikShin Sooyoung looking incredibly hawwwt. Of course, if it’s about food, then Sooyoung is the member you’re after~ Right? ^^

A new episode of WGM aired as well, with YongSeo (That seems to be their official name nowadays…) going to the movies to watch Avatar in 3-D.

First ROFL-worthy point is how serious and secret-agent style they look. Second is them drinking in sync. Third is the incredible amount of awkwardness during the kissing scene. XD Oh, awkward couple, gotta love it.

YongSeo show off their ID cards:

Seohyun also gave an adorable display of aegyo (gasp, right) upon hearing that Yonghwa couldn’t give blood with her. Haha, from that ‘Hiing~” sound, she’s probably been picking up strange stuff from Sica. XD

Plus here’s the first part of the entire YongSeo cut from the episode. The rest are on the user’s channel.

And also, a complementary cut of Sooyoung, Yuri and Jessica on Star King! Just ’cause I thought they were so cute and pretty in this one, haha.

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Article by: Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean