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Remember almost a year ago, when Soshi came out with Etude on their Genie album? A light and upbeat song about innocent love, it’d be a great tune to go with Hello Baby.  The very talented sinchan has created another compilation video, this time of Hello Baby and performance clips set to Etude. As always, the result is amajang.

Also, as we had briefly mentioned earlier, Taeng and Seobaby are dubbing for the animated movie Despicable Me as the characters Margo and Edith respectively. A bts account of the dubbing has been released~

1. Seohyun was really looking forward to the movie’s release in Korea. Manager told her the movie will open in September and that the girls many not be able to see it because they could be in Japan. Seohyun cried “No~~~~ TT TT”

2. Taengoo and Seohyun were to shoot for the movie advertisement photo and when the director yelled action the girls instantly made pose, brought their hands together to form a heart without even a rehearsal, and people at the set were all surprised.

3. Seohyun was so diligent and enthusiastic with her dubbing work that a film company executive complimented her, “You are just like a real professional voice actor, you just are!”

4. There are characters in the movie called Minions they have short legs and the photographer asked Taeyeon to make a pose as if she was patting them. But Taeyeon made a pose like she was kicking them away.

5. Seohyun’s character wears a beanie so Seohyun had to wear a beanie during her photoshooting. But the manager didn’t like it because it was messing up her hair but Seohyun kept wearing it for fun even after the shoot ended.

Taengoo Seohyun were so cute and so hard working that the staff at the shoot just adored them.

– kidman@bestiz; silis7noy2@soompi

Seohyun has always wanted to do voice acting, so this should be an amazing experience for her. With their lovable personalities, strong work ethic, and professionalism, it’s no question that soshi will be getting more opportunities in the future. Although redundant, maybe it would be worthwhile to wait a few months and watch the Korean version of Despicable Me with English subs? Oongkikiki~

by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com