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Hmm, it feels like we only just finished celebrating Soonkyu‘s birthday, but it’s already time to sit  back and appreciate the life and existence of our second May baby! Start the countdown, because Yoona‘s birthday is on the horizon! ^^

What word pops into your mind when you think of Yoona? ‘Actress’? ‘Model’? ‘Centre’? Well for me, it’s “Cho Ding (Elementary School Kid)”. So in celebration of Yoona’s 20th year of being on this earth, let’s explore and observe the fascinating alligator/flounder like creature that is Yoong Cho Ding.

What is it that YoonAddicts love so much about this girl? Is it her flawless skin and overall good looks? Is it her shampoo-CF worthy hair and her pretty doe-like eyes? Is it the way she models and the way she acts? Is it the fact that she’s even prettier without makeup? No, probably not. The thing that draws you in about this girl is none of the above. Sure, the sweet face and natural innocent look might be what gets you to notice her, but what makes you grow to love her is;

1) An obnoxious, loud, unladylike laugh that is a joy to observe.

  • Throwing her head back, mouth open, uvulva showing…how can you not love that loud cackle?

2) A “radiant” smile.

  • Show off them pearly whites. XD Wide as an alligator, it’s so easy to tell the difference between a real smile and a fake one with this girl.

(Thanks Jay for that one. )

The way her feelings clearly show on her face, whether she’s aware of it or not.

  • Idol status aside, this girl hides nothing. Bored, disgusted, happy, tired, shocked…You have to love how she’s totally cool with showing us her entire personality.

4) The way she’s not afraid to dork out and let loose.

  • As far as I know, still the only female idol to run through a field screaming with rubber gloves and boots, limbs flailing.

5) The fact that she seems to have forgotten that she’s an idol at times.

  • Weird expressions, strange imitations, dorky dances, making faces like she doesn’t remember the camera’s there…don’t even get me started.

6) The way she takes care of her unnies.

  • Bullying them all while treating them with the utmost respect and love. Maknaes on top! ^^\/

(Watch Sooyoung closely…And then Yoona’s overjoyed grin XD)

Of course, that’s not all there is too Yoong. Underneath the grins and laughs and smirks and jumping around, there’s a sensitive and overly thoughtful girl. A girl who stays quiet on radio shows until she’s built up the confidence to say something. A girl who’s always thinking deeply about something or other. A girl who practiced her acting by looking in a mirror and can now cry on cue. A girl who was voted as a celebrity with great manners by music station staff because she chases after people just to say hello. A girl who became scared and depressed because she was in a scandal involving one of her unnies. A girl who can laugh anything off, and can only truly be herself when she’s with people she loves.

Passing on the b'day baton. MWAH! =3=

Whether she’s causing stress for her Taeyeon-unnie, going around with a Jessica-unnie hanging off her arm, getting cosied up to by Sunny-unnie, pestering and annoying her Tiffany-unnie, talking through the night with Hyoyeon-unnie, dorking off with Yuri-unnie, rough-housing with Sooyoung-unnie or doing her best to be a good unnie to her precious dongsaeng Seohyun, Yoona is just overall one helluva good-natured and sweet kid. Beautiful inside and out. ^^

At such a young age, as one of SNSD’s busiest members, Yoong certainly has alot on her plate. But she’s got us and 8 loving sisters supporting her right? Yoong hwaiting! ^^

(This post was created with no intention of embarrassing one Im Yoona. We are basking in her charms. XD)

Do share the reasons why you love Yoong too! ^^ Yoong-partay in the comments section! 😀

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