Yes, worse has come to worst. Let’s think all the way back to January. There were fan accounts of SNSD being in Japan, and even a few autographs. Soon afterwards, however, they made their comeback with Oh!, and switched to Run Devil Run. First, Taengoo’s contract expired with MBC and is no more than a memory of a DJ for Chin Chin. Sunny and Yuri joined in undeliberately breaking the hearts of us S♥NES after leaving their G7 sisters. Many S♥NES speculated that it was probably possible for Taeyeon to salvage her position as a DJ, and Sunny and Yuri’s exit was a bit too sudden to be unplanned. Well, remember their little trip to japan? Many speculated that this was a hint that they would be planning things overseas in the future. With this, there were rumours of the Sweet Potato couple ending their relationship early, Yoona returning from Family Outing 2, and YulTi giving up being MC’s. Well, if you’re still wondering how the title is relevant, I just gave you a big hint. Yes, that’s right. YulTi is going to be ditching their posts as MC’s. Now before you pull the trigger, let me point out that this will only be temporary. During their MCing session, YulTi told us to wait 3 weeks. If it’s only 3 weeks, I’m sure WGM and FO2 will be saved. No promises though, this is just me thinking out loud.

Well, it looks like SNSD is going to be doing something in these next 3 weeks. Could it have to do with the 3-D  rumors? Maybe it’s linked back to Japan again? Whatever the case, I’m hoping for something sweet to come out of our girls within the next 3 weeks. Anyone else excited?