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Last year in September, we heard that the girls were to hold their first solo concert in Seoul, marking the beginning of their Asia tour. They were to then head to Shanghai (China) and Bangkok (Thailand) to continue their tour. The girls recently went to Shanghai for their solo concert and it was undeniably a succeess! But what about their concert in Bangkok?

It was planned to be held on July 24th after the decision to reschedule the concert date, but it looks like the date has to be rescheduled once again. According to the source, kaggregate:

Due to the situation of Thailand, the organizers of the concert declared to postpone the concert that was scheduled on July 24th indefinitely, until further notice. Though the concert will definitely be happening within this year, but we will have to wait until the situation returns to normal.

Although Thailand is starting to stabilize, let’s hope it gets back to normal quicker.

Another source, a  Thailand SNSD website, appears to say the same thing. The news is very unfortuante and I am sure that those who have bought the tickets to attend the concert on July 24th may be outraged. I would feel the same, but I hope you guys please be understanding of the situation.