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Okay, wow, I am amazed.

Scratch the pics, scratch the song, scratch the teaser, THE MV IS HERE!

Who’s ready for some MAJOR hotness?

OMZG. I spazzed so hard. First off, we have the 6 stars ofcourse~ each so hot on their own!!! I knew the MV would consist mainly of TaecYoon because the Caribbean Bay had stated they would be the main stars. AND YES, Taec does kiss Yoona but just a on the forehead! So cute~ both jealous of one another. Yuri made me die with her hotness and I was pleasantly surprised that they let Seobaby keep her cute image. At the beginning in the locker room, with her and Yoona glaring at each other, I thought Seobaby would have a fiercer role… nope! Khun is just… odd looking, yes, I found him VERY HOT but… something was just a bit off? I forgot that other guy’s name (FORGIVE ME FANGIRLS) but he was PRETTY HOT.. wish we saw more of him!

And so with the teaser and CF whatnots… I never saw another girl other than the 3 to appear, so I lost all hope.. UNTIL the last part of the MV where I saw fany‘s amazing eyesmile and I was sooo pleased! Even though it was weird they dressed her up in a ‘Gee’ outfit, Soo still managed to steal some spotlight with her fineeee bodylines.

Anyways, after all that spazzing… I found the song a bit bland, but the MV made up for it. What do you guys think?

Credits: AprilSpringz @ youtube

Credits: AprilSpringz @ youtube