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Can you guess who?

Hint: you might be seeing a lot more of this soon:

So you know that one company.. uh.. I think their name is SAMSUNG? Well, they’re kinda big, and are one of those brands that every household knows about. While it’s not the first time soshi has endorsed Samsung products (in fact, Caribbean Bay is owned by Samsung), the rumor states the girls will be models for Samsung internationally, and not just for 3D related products.

The rumor further describes some content already generated for the company:

[Rumor] There are already SNSD pics in Samsung brochure for international conference. Also, they took or recorded something last month.

Although still a rumor, this certainly looks interesting, and could very well be another step towards world domination.  With a company such as Samsung, the amount of exposure gained will definitely have people wondering “dayum… who are those girls?”

On another note, a different rumor reports:

[Rumor] Some of SNSD start to record new song for campaign. It will be bright song like ‘S.E.O.U.L’  Then, SNSD will have short vacation.

Another new song from SNSD is always a blessing, even if it’s for a campaign. I personally really liked the S.E.O.U.L concept, so this will be something to look forward to if the rumor is true. It’s good that soshi will be getting some rest though, and SME recognizes that they are, after all, just girls. What comes after the break however, is a cliffhanger for my heart. But we’re supporting them no matter what, right? =)

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by: greeentee@snsdkorean.wordpress.com