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Some (Oh!)ppas are about to become amongst the happiest people in the world.

EDIT: It turns out they only gave the opening performance and hung out with football players afterwards, there was a mistranslation error. I guess it might’ve been a bit too much to ask for? =/

SNSD made their comeback earlier this year rockin’ the cheerleader concept, and now they have the opportunity to fans have the opportunity to see them become real cheerleaders! On May 22nd, our girls will be cheerleading the final game of a football tournament at Namyangju Stadium. Those oppas have got to be some of the luckiest people alive, having angels personally cheer them on and all~

While this is the first time SNSD will be cheerleading, I expect it should be a piece of cake for them. After all, these are 9  girls that have danced to much more complex choreography in heels while singing. Keep in mind though, the Oh! theme was supposed to be about sports in general; with the Winter Olympics and World Cup taking place this year, wouldn’t you say that SNSD are kinda the cheerleaders for South Korea? ^^

Can't forget about me~

I can’t exactly argue that SNSD had anything to do with the Olympic wins, but Korea certainly ended up doing well this year in Vancouver, earning 14 medals in total despite sending only 46 athletes (versus other countries with 100 or 200+ athletes). Who knows, maybe lotsa practice and determination combined with a little bit of Oh~ Oh~ Oh~ Oh~ is the key to success?

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