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Haha, I told you this episode would be out soon.

Hyoyeon and Yuri were recently on Strong Heart and talked about their crushes and the like. It’s unsubbed, so you’ll just have to get by on how cute and funny HyoRi are and wait until someone translates it.

To kick it off, Hyoyeon basically talks about she feels about the mystery man, then goes on to explain how she pretties herself up if she knows she’s going to see him and how the other members try helping her out. Apparently it ends up with the members pushing Hyoyeon over when he’s nearby and her going “Aim properly! I’m getting pushed to the kid next to him instead!”

Yul throws in her own story about Hyoyeon’s crushing, causing laughter with a story about how she overheard Hyoyeon talking really cutely over the phone and thought it was her boyfriend. In the end it turned out she hadn’t been talking to anyone and Hyoyeon had more or less been talking to herself and playing around. XD Most 4-D member of SNSD indeed.

I think Yuri then gives Hyo a warning about how Hyo can’t really go any further than love from afar (idols and everything…), making everyone laugh about how tough Yuri seems. Yuri clears things up saying that she just want to look out for Hyo. Aww~ XD

Hyoyeon drops hints, saying that it’s a guy who can dance, has humour and does not have double eye-lids. MC Kang Hodong suggests names like Daesung, Wooyoung and Jokwon, but Hyoyeon just laughs them off saying it wasn’t any of them. They ask her to leave a video message but Hyo ends up getting shy and says she doesn’t have the courage to make it any more than a one-sided love.
Daww, my heart goes out to you Hyo-baby ❤ I hope things work out for you. ^^ I guess it’s time for me to let go of HyoTae now…*sigh*…

Still, very brave and open of her to talk about things like this on a show! Go Hyo!

Here are some more Strong Heart cuts:

Yuri’s Shin Sekyung imitation + HyoRi do Jung Joori’s comedic dance. Majour rofl.

RDR performance by HyoRi. Woah, it’s really different with the two strongest dancers in the group. Yul’s s-line really stands out here, and Hyoyeon is putting out all this energy. Hyo’s RDR looks so cool here heheh, much edgier and powerful than when she dances with the others.

Yuri’s multi-personality. Keke, too bad Yul never got to do that sitcom…Serious comedic acting potential there.

Hrmm, while soshisubs is super busy, they’re usually fast with Strong Heart cuts, so everybody be patient okay? ^^ Another subber might come along and sub it too.

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