EDIT: Boss hurrr, added two new teasers at the bottom thanks to our chatter Herro 🙂 ANd one courtesy of my friend. HOT. Lemme give u a hint: yoona gets a kisss

In addition to the teasers here and here,Carribean Bay has also released the full promotional audio track ‘Cabi Song‘,which you guys most probably had already heard in the teaser videos.

Without any further ado,check out the awesome song!

Let’s hope the actual CF would be released soon!

Credits : 9medz@Youtube.com


(this link: credits to my best friend. 😛 )

Fan boys, please do not die. It’s just sunscreen lotion. And remember, just a peck. Though I want to die at how how their outfits are and how lovely Taec looks ❤