Edit: Fixed things. In a rush so only fixed the re-caps.

So recently, many rumours have come up pertaining to the girls. For example there’s the one where they’re supposedly leaving their posts to go to Japan. Adding on to everything said in that post, YulTi is said to be dropping their MC positions on Music Core. In their place, the Sweet Potato Couple’s Jung Yonghwa is rumored to take the spot. Also, with SunYul leaving the G7 cast, rumors say that replacements have already been found. A few F(X) members might be brought in.

Also, James Cameron (who you may know as the director of Avatar) has been speaking with SME. More specifically, he met up with BoA, the remaining 2 TVXQ boys, and LSM himself. Rumors say that he plans to work on SNSD’s music videos and concert for Samsung. It is unclear whether it will be released on Samsung only, but they will be released in BluRay for Samsung 3D TV customers. Not only is this going on for our lovely angels, but it seems that SME wants to work in 3D from now on. Imagine… all the concerts in 3D… ITNW… I’m going to change my pants now. If you have 3D glasses and want a sample of his work, I got one right hurr. .

Anyway, one last bit of info; not really a rumour. Taeyeon and Seohyun are going to dub the new Universal animation, Despicable Me.

So uh.. recap for those of you who need to distinguish between what’s real:

RUMOURS: YulTi isn’t MCing anymore

REAL: Tae+Seo are dubbing a kiddie movie, SNSD stuff will be put in 3D.