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Edit: added a new rumor at the bottom

Might I add the end of one hella amazing chapter..

The rumors that were floating around the internet that two girls will possibly leave KBS’s Invincible Youth have become true. And instead of two girls leaving, its three. Yuri, Sunny, and 4minute’s Hyunah will be filming their last episode on May 19th.

Before I go on with the news, I know ALOT of readers here are huge fans of the show so…go ahead. Cry it out 😦 😦

The reason that Yul and Sunny are leaving is most likely due to the rumors about the promotions in Japan and the upcoming concerts. With such a busy schedule, the girls had to drop the reality show and come together with the other girls again. It’s a shame to see the girls resigning from the activities that they love so much but regardless, let’s support them no matter where they end up!

New IY members shall be revealed in June! Now to the old cast members that are staying behind like Taewoo…don’t you dare go find yourself a new girl to replace Yul in your heart 🙂 But someone better find a new chicken catcher..though I doubt anyone can live up to Sunny’s name 😀

On a final note, if you’re wondering where to watch subbed IY episodes, Soshified has a lot of episodes subbed and uploaded into their video section. Check it out!

Here’s the new rumor i just read: Seobaby is probably going to end We Got Married soon too… 😦 Are they really are pullin’ from their jobs?! Sigh.