As our forecast predicted, it is Aegyo Queen’s birthday!
Happy birthday LEE SUNKYU!

Sunny, undeniably versatile. From cute to sexy, she can definitely own both!

From the group’s vitamin to the one of the newer Variety TV Show Star, Sunny sure has gone way up in demand and popularity. Though she has special family connection to the chairman of SM Entertainment, Sunny has never shown a negative side or bragged about it.

Adorable and upbeat, she never fails to kill impress us with her aegyo (I admit it, I’ve wanted to punch the screen before because she was wayyy too cute >_<“). Most importantly, since the promotion of ‘TMYW Genie’ to ‘RDR’, Sunny has proven that she has what it takes to be versatile. She can go from bubbly and cute to sexy with a piercing stare. Way to go, SunnyBunny!

Aside from aegyo moments, Sunny has shared us many funny and memorable moments this year. Who can forget Sunny‘s confession about sneaking to the amusement park with Sica, Fany, and HyoYeon?

Then before Strong Heart, we have the cheosuk special, where I think Sunny really started garnering attention. Here`s a dance cut from that show~

SunnyBunny, I could go on and on about her, but I definitely did not forget the point of this post! Readers and Fans, post your birthday wishes to Sunny here! And as the editor of this post, Sunny, I wish you a lovely birthday and I hope you will enjoy it with your 8 sisters!

PicCR: SSF and as tagged.
VidCR: SNSDsunnyshida and Macangye007 @youtube,