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There’s one thing cuter than SNSD, and that’s pre-debut SNSD. ‘SoShi-tots’, if you will. ^^

Nothing’s more amusing than seeing the gorgeous, professional, mature(?), ladies of SNSD back when they were young and youthful, and weren’t so ahjumma-ish. Therefore I present to you some new (old…) SM vids that have surfaced recently.

Pre-debut SM stars; DBSK, SuJu & SNSD’s Hyoyeon + other trainees.
Hyoyeon comes in for a short part right at the very end. XD Haha, she’s such a little fire-cracker.

Pre-debut SM stars; SNSD’s Seohyun, Yoona, Jessica, Sooyoung, Yuri, DBSK & SuJu + other trainees.
BracesYul, haha. And Yoona’s personality hasn’t changed at all.

Stuff like this is always worth the watch. Bright-faced, energetic school-girls who had no idea they would go through so much and then end up at the very top of the industry. They’ve come an insanely long way huh? ^^

And to reminisce about the innocent and determined kiddies from a forever ago…

Pre-debut-spammage time!

Yes, my baby-face ages slowly. #1

Obsession with self-cam photos #1


Yes, my baby-face ages slowly. #2

Had an unexpected 'cool' vibe before she debuted as DdilFany.

Obsession with self-cam photos #2

Betcha didn't think I'd grow up so hot.

The very experienced trainee who bossed people around.

Cho-ding then, cho-ding now, cho-ding forever.

Trainee who sang nursery rhymes.

Girls who became a family.

If you want to read more about pre-debut soshi and how the 9-member SNSD came to be, I recommend you check out Crazy51‘s post, ‘The Making of So Nyuh Shi Dae“. Really worth the read if you’re that kind of SONE.

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