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[Image/Video heavy]

Despite the lack of Music Core yesterday, fans were still able to see SNSD as they performed at the ‘New World Super Concert’/’Shinsegae Super Concert’. Decked out in the black, the girls performed Run Devil Run, Oh, Genie and Show! Show! Show!

For now there are only fancams available. I’ll just leave you with the good ones.

Sunny talks to the crowd before the encore, pretty impressively I must say. The girl’s got good talking and interactive skills. Definitely a great MC.
During the perf, Hyoyeon takes a fall (>.<!), but Yuri rushes to the rescue and then Sooyoung proceeds to crack up over it at Hyo’s expense. Actually pretty cute, haha.

Encore + Oh!

Run Devil Run (close-ups of certain girls)

Show! Show! Show!

More casual perfs like this are more fun haha, the girls throw in adlibs and cheer and everything.

(Thankyoo Aun/ruraldaze for teaching me how to thumbnail pics. XD)

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