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The episode of SNSD on TaeYeon’s Win Win has just been uploaded on YouTube courtesy of the lovely fans and quite frankly IT IS WIN WIN. Not to mention, Jessica and Tiffany give us international fan service in their lovely California English accents. AWWW YEEUH. Hopefully we can get a subbed version soon!

cr: CodeMonmonMixes

SPOILER! Skip to the next video if you don’t wanna know!

Win Win tonight was totally win win, one of the best snsd shows ever. The girls were so funny and frank. Sooyoung and Yuri were so eloquent answering the questions. Hyoneunggam was just awesome tonight. Ok Joohyun is such a good unnie to the girls it was heartwarming to see Sooyoung cry. Jessica and Tiffany were born in the same hospital, wow never knew that. Too bad so many things were edited out, it should have been a two week show.

cr: silis7noy2 @ soompi (I LOVE THIS GUY!)

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HyoYeon Win Win Mission fancam! …because it’s the Chinese New Year of the Hyoraengi (tiger).

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