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As you may have heard, Taeyeon is stepping down and leaving her position as MBC’s Chin Chin Radio DJ :[ (I KNOW, it’s sad!) She was the best radio DJ in my opinion (lol yesh i’m biased). Thus, it was no surprise that Taeyeon was showered with gifts from fans. However, this time the gifts that fans have sent her are much more meaningful.


Fans sent Taeyeon a board/collage filled with meaningful messages, congratulating her on her DJ Radio anniversary as well as showing gratitude for being Chin Chin’s radio DJ all this time.


It was said that after receiving the gifts, Taeyeon was very happy and grateful. She, herself, even made a post on Chin Chin’s official website, with pictures of her with the gifts (as you see above). She revealed that among all the gifts, she enjoyed reading the little messages that formed a collage the most.

*Sob* I really can’t believe she’s leaving the radio. I loved her DJ-ing and being a dork on bora (when the radio is broadcasted visually as well). I’m gonna miss seeing all those daily Chin Chin gifs shared on soompi, but I guess that would mean that Taeyeon won’t be overworked. Now she can balance out her musical schedule and “Run Devil Run” promotions. BUT STILL it’s not gonna be the same without DJ Taeng around RAWR!

credits: iMBC, soompi, as tagged

source: allkpop