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I was browsing the internets and came across the most ‘wow/lol’-worthy thing, and I thought, ‘hey, I haven’t written an article in a few days…why not?’.

These manips were made by some creative fan who thought it would be fun to paste Yoona’s face onto the bodies or heads of other idols and celebrities. The pictures are really something.

I actually thought for a moment that it was a pity that Yoona wasn’t born as a boy, haha.

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Yoona’s always had really boyish qualities but gosh, how cute would a male Yoona be? Do you think there’s any possibility that she has a long lost twin brother out there somewhere? Yoonsoo? Yoonho?

Im Yoonho~ Do you exist~? T^T


But at the end of the day, Yoong is still a (gorgeous) female and it’s most definitely lucky for us that she is. Yoona in now one of our nine precious ‘Sonyuh’s after all. ^^

note  – ‘ulzzang’ = best face; someone who’s reaaally good looking. Eg; that soshi member is totally ulzzang ❤ Oh yeah, that member too. Oh, and her. Ah, there’s another ulzzang. Oh, and her! Those other four are ulzzang as well!