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[Warning – Vid Heavy]
[updated w/ Sooyoung + Seohyun solo + Dear Mom. Sunny + Yoona solo replaced.]

The China concert was a little less strict about fancams that the Seoul con, so we got mountain-loads more than last time. Downside is, they’re all poor quality and make you dizzier than a MuCore camera-man.
I went through and looked for the best ones, don’t want your throwing up on you keyboard.

(Not in order. Solos first, groups second.)

Intro + It’s Fantastic: The girls are really adorable speaking Chinese + JeTiHyun’s song

Hyoyeon’s solo ‘So Sick‘: Majour EPICSAUCE. Must watch.

Taeyeon’s solo ‘Hush Hush’: Haha, the camera holder swears. XD

Yuri’s solo ‘1,2, step’ ft. Minho:

Tiffany’s solo ‘Umbrella’: Seeing red…

Jessica’s solo ‘Barbie Girl’ ft. Key:

Sunny’s solo ‘Sunny‘: XD

Sooyoung’s solo ‘If You Seek Amy’:

Seohyun’s solo ’16 going on 17′:

Yoona’s solo ‘Introduce me to a good person’:

OnSica – ‘1 year later‘:

Yoona, Yuri, Soo, Hyo dance battle: (We see Soo this time ;D)

Opening + Genie: The opening…is cool.

Into The New World:

INTW + Be Happy:


Way To Go!/Himnae: (Hyo-cam :D)

Way To Go + Gee: Worth the watch because of Fany’s “Happy Birthday Jessi!” in the middle that got cut out of the other two. XD


Forever: (Shorter but clearer)

Dear Mom:

Show Show Show: JeTi ;D.

Show Show Show: Jessicam with SUPER JETI ;D

Chocolate Love:

Kissing You: Cute. YoonHyun did the thing again from the first concert where they hug and exlude Taengoo.

Honey/Perfect For You:

Naengmyun: Hyo’s adorable in this one, and so is Fany getting chased, haha.

Ooh-la-la: JessiCam

Beginning: JessiCam

Girls’ Generation/SNSD: JeTi ;D


Day By Day:

Day By Day: version with Soo’s cute opening

My Child:

Over the Rainbow:

Singing in the Rain:

Complete: Yulsic (;D) and a bass that hurts your ears.

Oh: This one’s a cute watch XD

Ending + HBD Jessica: Sica got creamed…XD

cr; sonefancam@YT (who is completely jjang <3)

Also, a random fact I found funny; SNSD’s room where they were staying in Shanghai had a massive dog stationed outside it. LOL.