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Kim Yuna: Best female figure skater in the world, and loved by Korea.
Girls’ Generation: Best girl group in the world, and loved by Korea.

Okay, well maybe there was a little bias there.. but not by much. =P

Being one of the top athletes in the world, as well as the face of Korea at the Olympic games, of course Kim Yuna has to use the best songs. At the recently hosted 2010 Festa On Ice figure skating show in South Korea, she performed a routine using our girls’ very own Run Devil Run!

Ever since SNSD performed Oh! at Lotte World, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to see some soshi songs done in figure skating. Girls’ Generation on Ice y’know? Maybe even a musical, with our own ice princess being, well, an ice princess? Anyways, enough of my rambling. Here’s a fancam of Kim Yuna making it partially come true.

cr: FeversOn686

While Yuna is mainly known for her skating, not many people know about her vocal abilities. Despite her lack of training in that area, she actually sings pretty well, and has previously sang Can You Hear Me alongside our own kko ma leader on a show:

cr: loveuljjang

So there you have it. Kim Yuna + Soshi = double win.

Shoutout to Procrastinatoress for helping me with the title. =3