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Following SNSD’s entry into Shanghai, where they received a huge welcome and performed their concert as part of their solo concert tour, fans have also been talking about some of the extravagant gear that the girls were seen sporting at the airport.

Jessica was spotted with a Louis Vuitton Boétie GM Top Handle Bag, with a value of around $2,500.

She also had a spanking new Blackberry White Bold 9000. And blackberries aren’t the cheapest phones let me tell you. Maybe Jessica decided to get one after her hubby Tiffany did so that they could message each other free, heheh.

Hyoyeon and Yuri were both seen with Balenciaga bags. Hyoyeon with a ‘Giant Weekender‘ priced at over $2,000, and Yuri with a ‘Giant Part-Time‘ at $1,475. Tiffany was sporting a Givenchy Medium Old Pepe Nightingale Bag which is about $1,800.

There aren’t many clear pictures of fancams of Yoona, but fans think she might have been carrying a Marc by Marc Jacobs shoulder bag.

Haha, I wonder what the girls are doing with brand-name bags like this. Are these the same girls who were walking around with fan-made tote bags this time last year? XD They may be gifts from family or fans, or the girls might have bought them with their own money. They are stylish young women after all. Either way, nice to see them with designer gear, haha.

(Big thanks to soshistyling, surreal_v@soompi.)