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Just a quick ChinChin update.

cr; piido

cr; piido

Sunny recently guested on DJ Taeng’s ChinChin for 89’ers night. Being another soshi-member and someone with DJing experience herself, her and Taeyeon are always enjoyable to listen to, and fans have missed her since her last appearance on the show last year.

Our two shortest members performed their song that they did for the ‘Heading to the Ground’ OST, ‘SaRangInGulYo‘. Despite Sunny being not in the best condition, they managed to pull of a great duet. It’s a great song, and a live has been anticipated by many.

There were alot of other cute moments, like Taeyeon and Sunny throwing around some aegyo. Haha, Taeyeon’s definitely improved since those awkward winks last year. I guess some things are bound to rub off if you’re rooming with the aegyo queen.

And also, short clips of Taeyeon scratching her head and laughing, because she finds ways to make the most mundane things cute:

cr; galio5th, Mellerzx3Taengoo

I’ll also leave you with a subbed cut of Taeyeon, Sunny and Park Kiyoung on chinchin from last year, because some old clips are always worth a re-watch.

cr; yuhdan