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Korea’s top girl group, the nation’s 9-angels. Almost too many music show wins to count, daesangs all over the place and huge endorsements, who isn’t talking about SNSD?

Recently, the former Fin.K.L member who is now a sexbomb hugely popular solo artist, Lee Hyori mentioned SNSD in an interview. You all know Hyori right? The scary woman of Family Outing 1? She’s been making headlines lately with her much anticipated comeback, and was asked the question “Which hoobaes from girl groups are you keeping an eye on?” to which she answered “SNSD’s Yuri and 2NE1’s CL.” saying that both of them have what it takes to be successful solo-artists in the future.

About Yuri, she said, “It was like seeing myself in the past. I saw the SNSD concert and Yuri’s solo stage was impressive. When I had my solo stage at the Fin.K.L Concert people noticed me similarly. Yuri has the potential to have great success as a solo artist.”

When asked “Who’s your competition right now?”, Hyori replied, “SNSD. They’re really at the top.”

Damn straight.

Also, Japanese singer Erika Umeda (ex member of C-ute and ZYX) is an SNSD-fan, saying that “They’re often cool and have catchy songs. They’ve got good singing style and their dancing is too hot, I listen to their song alot every day.”

SNSD’s popularity in Japan is certainly something to be proud of. They’ve never even promoted there and yet they’re breaking onto the Japanese Music Charts. Haha, only a matter of time before they conquer Asia.

Speaking of conquering Asia, some time ago a popular Thai actress Cheer also announced her love for our nine girls, and is these days well known for being a Girls’ Generation and Tiffany fan. She’s also quite the TaeNy shipper if I recall. XD

Super popular gag-woman Kim Shinyoung, who is close to SNSD and even lives nearby guested on TVN E News recently, and talked about SNSD saying, “They really don’t act all innocent and are easy-going.” She also mentioned her trip to SNSD’s dorm saying, “When I visited their dorm, there weren’t any ‘angels’.” She ended the story saying, “I will not disclose any more information.” which caused laughter. Thank you Shinyoung, for protecting our girls. XD

Yup yup, SNSD is truly the topic of conversation everywhere, keke.