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We all know that all the soshi girls are gorgeous, but there have always been a few girls that have features that just stand out. Like, I’m sure you all know which members have the icy glares, the dorky laughs, the model-proportions and of course, the purdy eyes.

A survey was recently conducted at AhnGwa Hospital, posing the question “Which Female Idol’s Eyes Make You Think of Cherry Blossoms?”

Getting over 60% of the votes and taking first place was a very own Deer Yoong, who since the beginning has been praised by fans for her gentle, clear, deer-like eyes.

Innisfree (the company Yoona makes huge money for XD), stated, “Because Yoona always shows a bright, clean image on music performances and dramas, we decided that she would be the best candidate to illustrate Innis Free’s innocent concept.” “Because she is healthy and has clean eyes and smile, we feel that she is a model who can appeal to various age groups.”

Meanwhile, not one to be left out when it comes to pretty eyes, our Miyoungie was voted the most attractive female idol with a killer smile on a community portal site, with over 34% of the votes. Haha, of course, when it’s eye-smiles, it’s Tiffany. Am I right? Or am I right? Congrats to the girl with the disappearing eyes.

Coming in at second was resident aegyo expert Soonkyu, with the sleepy eyes. When it comes to eye-smiles, Sunny can’t be forgotten either can she?

And because I’m high on eye-smile-induced joy, another bonus eye-smile picture! Starring our bright-eyed 2Ny, keke. Let’s see if you can endure a combo-attack.

…H-hello? You’re still alive out there right?