Well, it’s not about concert that we are all so aware of, but this time, it is about boys.

Yes, our girls are now all adults and hence they start to get more questions about men, and as their popularity expands throughout the world, so is their taste for men. Their latest appearance in KJE’s Chocolate was no exception when it came to this kind of discussion.

The talk begans with Sooyoung saying that she felt envious about Seohyun having a privilege for dating in public thanks to her role in WGM with CN. Blue’s Yonghwa. For your information, young artists are usually not allowed by their company to have boyfriend or date in public and it seems that SNSD also have that rule. Well, I totally feel for Sooyoung who seems to be expecting a boyfriend to see her sweet potato-loving dongsaeng leapfrogs her in this department.

The discussion then developed into ideal international partner with Jessica spazzing over Josh Harnett. “We were performing at Pusan International Film Festival, and I was surprised that he was in the audience, but it made me like him more,” she said. Wow Jess, if I appear on your performance carrying a giant poster of you, would you like me too? *SPAZZ mode on*

And finally, a rather scary argument little & friendly rivalry ensued between Yoona and Hyoyeon who picked Japanese actor, Kimura Takuya. Well, I hope this won’t go on further. Don’t worry, we can all trust the girls to understand that Soshibond still worth more than your dream guy (this one strictly my opinion).

Well, that’s all folks. Stay tuned for more updates after the show is aired tomorrow and the subbed video of their talk is out.