SBS Chocolate HD cuts have been released so I shall link you the performances. A fabulous rendition of english songs by the girls and also a dance cut from hyo, Yoona and Yuri. Tiffany also gets her own limelight with a solo cover of “Poker Face”. Hit the jump for the up and up!

Taeny WIN!, TaeTae’s anunciation was close to spot on, and beautiful backing harmony by Tiff.

Hot is all I can say, sexy dancing all dressed in white. DAYYYYUM!

Suprisingly Sunny, Seohyunn and Sooyoung did beautifully, I really feel that the girls worked hard on the anunciations.

Full soshi appearance! Taeyeon rocking the finger in ear technique to hear her own harmony lol.

Ok, I’ve been holding it in since the start video, but in the red dress. Tiff looks STUNNING! beautiful cover as well with her own breakout harmony and emphasis on notes which she always tends to do on her covers.

A great performance. and I prefer these costumes and hair over the crazy ones.

Thinking of looping them or already have? not surprised XD


Sosiz (ssf)

prot0628 (yt)

Testuya (