A staffer from Samyang Noodles just posted up a staff account on the girls. A cute little writing that once again praises the girls like hell. And looks like the company has caught the snsd fever..everyone just seems to love these 9 ladies so much 🙂 And not only are the staffers helping snsd, the girls in turn even gave workers coffee in return!

credits to silis7noy for translating

Samyang CF shoot staff account

“I don’t know if you remember me but I posted a staff account when I worked as a staff on the first SNSD Samyang Ramyun CF shoot… I participated again in the Jeju island Samyang Ramyun CF that is airing now.

On the screen it looks sunny and full of spring atmosphere but actually the shooting condition that day was adverse and the filming was delayed many times.

There were three different concepts, the custom-made 9-person bicycle scene, the picnic scene and the customary ramyun eating scene..

I’ll talk about the bicycle scene which was the most memorable, Taeyeon was most helpful in this one

The filming was delayed due to heavy wind and meanwhile the girls were playing around excitedly the two managers couldn’t control them… Then Taeyeon helped set up the bicycle and seemed to be telling the members to get ready for the shoot and instantly things became in order hahaha

Some of the wheels didn’t turn too well and people had to push and try it different ways. Then Taeyeon with her small body at the front was pedalling hard by herself exclaiming it’s like biking in the sky in full speed, and the SNSD girls and the staff were all breaking out big laughters hahaha

Ah and the SNSD members really like the Bubble Bubble song hehe
There was scene where they had to roll on the ground with happy faces but the actual condition was freezing wind so everyone was really cold going in. The members sang the Bubble Bubble song together in high piched voices… then they played around doing all sorts of parodies. These girls have so much fun playing among themselves, throughout the hours-long shooting

But each of them are small so three, four of them would get themselves in a blanket and warm themselves. Then when the camera starts they leave the blankets to the manager and their expressions turn to the sunny spring expressions, just the ones ordered by the director hehehe
As professional models it’s expected but still I was amazed as I was standing there freezing wearing a thick jacket

I didn’t know this before but the making films have to get permission from SM before getting released. There are many lovely cute moments in this difficult shoot but unfortunately for fans the whole long making film doesn’t seem it’s going to be released.

It’s something people were often talking on the set that Samyang is very pleased with increased sales of Samyang Ramyun from the SNSD effect

I’ve worked with SNSD before and again this time but I think I can guarantee that SNSD’s sky reaching popularity is not a flash-in-the pan hehe
They are such professionals yet well-mannered and like I said last time, one of very few celebrities that make us staffs happy to be working with them

Samyang said they will continue their campaign with SNSD so you’ll probably see them again when the new seasons come hehe


Some of you pm’ed me about their health. As I remember Sunny and Jessica seemed to have hard times. Taeyeon was ok during shooting but near the end she didn’t look that well… Yoona and Seohyun was just running about everywhere… the manager said they’re healthy because they’re the younger ones hehe

Yuri fell down hard on her butt in the scene where she was walking backwards, everyone was startled and ran to her. Then the other girls jumped on top of her and the girls were rolling on the ground together hehehe I felt it last time too but these girls are so extreme when they horse around…

And I forgot to add… the girls first gave us staffs warm can coffees which were meant for them

And in the ramyun eating scene I don’t know if this one will be included – they have to eat it in moderate amount to make it appropriate for the screen but one girl just drank out of the whole bowl… and just everyone burst out laughing hahaha

Fans might get worried but all SNSD Samyang CFs will be outdoors now. The last winter mountain ranch CF had such a good response, that’s the kind of SNSD effect.”

cr: 온D@bestiz