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Update: Pics and follow up added.

SNSD is everywhere in Korea, and now, 3 of the members are going to be appearing as cameos in the dram Oh! My Lady starring SUJU’s Siwon. It seems there has been a lot of Super Generation love lately, and this is just another example of it.

On the recording which took place on the 7th, Sooyoung, Jessica, and Hyoyeon became models for Choi Siwon, who could not go up on the fashion show stage due to his health.

As SNSD is showing talent in different fields other than singing, they have no problems with fashion shows as well.

The producer of “Oh! My Lady” has stated, “Choi Siwon and SNSD are both in SM Entertainment, and because they have such a close relationship, it seems as they are appearing as cameos.
As SNSD members are appearing, it shows a greater image of the plot with celebrity, fans, and managers.”

SM Entertainment stated, “SNSD and Choi Siwon has a very close friendship. The cameo appearance has been decided from this extension as well.
It’s nice to see SNSD members and Choi Siwon helping each other.”

Hopefully we’ll see more cameos of the members in the future.


The girls filmed a scene where they all took pictures on the red carpet like the glamorous celebrities they are.

SiWon expressed his thanks by saying, “Even though they’re busy, I’m so grateful that they found time to film a scene. SooYoung and I take acting lessons together so we talk a lot about acting. I even introduce her as my blood relative to others. We promised each other that when one of us is acting the other would make a cameo.”

SooYoung replied, “Since it’s a drama that SiWon oppa is starring in, I’m always watching it. I remember his kiss scene in the first episode with Jun HyeJin; his acting is so cool, and he’s very good at it.

Jessica, who just wrapped up her own acting gig as the star of Legally Blonde, added, “I know that SiWon oppa has a lot of desire for acting. I’d like to see him turn into a genuine actor through this drama. If I ever get the opportunity, I’d like to challenge myself with a drama too.

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