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UPDATE: Subbed video uploaded

Don’t worry, they are not running away from SM. They just decided to be a little naughty and enjoy all the fun.

'Coast is clear. Let's get the hell outta here!'

SNSD Sunny just revealed in the recent episode of strong heart that SNSD for once rebelled against SME by escaping their dorm to go to the amusement park. This happened prior to their successful Gee days. She also exposed the name of her accomplices: Jessica, Tiffany and HyoYeon.

‘We used masks and scarves to hide our faces so no one noticed it was us,’ she said. She also described all the fun enjoyed in their runaway stint. Well, if going to amusement park alone is already a lot of fun, doing it in runaway style certainly adds more spice to it.

"Yippee!!! We're outta here!!!"

There is no info yet on how SM would react, but rumour has it that they hired a SAR helicopter and more than a dozen private detectives to track their prized assets and bring them home. Well, none of them were successful in capturing the fugitives, but their manager managed to get the info and told them to ask for permission next time. Sounds wise as they deserved some breaks, rite? Besides, their upcoming album was a big hit anyway. By the way, here is one picture taken by the eye from the sky.

Eye from the sky, " Got You!!!"

Credit: maestro-j@allkpop


A recent recorded confession was released personally by Sunny. She revealed that Tiffany was the main co-conspirator. She also mentioned that since the ninja’s capes were not good enough to hide their pretty face, they went a step further by wearing racoon masks (racoon shi dae, anyone?).  Their exploit was finally done in by the roller coaster staff who would not allow them to ride unless they de-mask themselves, allowing the eye from the sky to capture their picture and divulge the secret to SM. Prior to their eventual scoldings and warnings, the 4 rebellious girl took their time to brag to the remaining 5 about their happy runaway stint. The following is the recording of her confession before inspector Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi.