Update: Extra video!

Yeh I didn’t type wrong, Snsd will have it’s own documentary program titled “Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation” by Y-Star real documentary. The documentary will reveal never before seen stories of their debut days up until now

The documentary will show the changes the girls have undergone from debut to present day. The first episode will air on the 10th at 3PM (KST)

And if we don’t see English subs on it soon after…there will be hell to pay….

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Here’s the preview for our girls’ upcoming reality show!

Doesn’t it just make you excited?!

soshi00@soshified.com (translation)

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Some of the scenes from the previous video showed some girls in a sort of “dark” photo shoot. Here’s the commercial it was for!

0:25 hyo, 0:36 sica, 1:44 tiffany + taeyeon (in the previous video)

Credits: a9413a @ yt