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EDIT: Boss Lady here, added a nice little quote at the bottom. It provides information about the KMA. Take a read 🙂 Also, Zheming added videos under the cut

Yay!!! I got a happy news for all of us SONEs to celebrate. Our girls just won Song of the Year with Gee and Group Musician of the Year (voted by Netizen) in 7th Korean Music Awards.

The awards given on 30th March were spread in 25 categories. Other categories included Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, etc. Here is the full list of the award winners (I know that some of them might sounds unfamiliar to you)

Album of the Year
Seoul Electric Band – Life Is Strange

Song of the Year

Musician of the Year
Seoul Electric Band – Life Is Strange

Rookie of the Year
Gukkasten and Apollo18

Group Musician of the Year Netizen Vote

Female Musician of the Year Netizen Vote
Baek Jiyoung

Male Musician of the Year Netizen Vote
Jung Yup

Best Pop (Album)
Lee Sora – 7th Album

Best Pop (Song)
Lee Sora – Track 8

Best Dance & Electronic (Album)
Brown Eyed Girls – Sound-G

Best Dance & Electronic Song
Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Best R&B & Soul (Album)
Ra.D – Realcollabo

Best R&B & Soul (Song)
Jung Yup – You Are My Lady

Best Rock (Album)
Seoul Electric Band – Life Is Strange

Best Rock (Song)
Gukkasten – Mirror

Best Rap & Hip Hop (Album)
Drunken Tiger – Feel Ghood Muzik: The 8th Wonder

Best Rap & Hip Hop (Song)
Overclass – San E – Rap Genius

Best Jazz & Crossover (Album)
Park Joo Won – Time of Gypsy

Best Jazz & Crossover (Song)
Youngjoo Song Trio – Love Never Fails

Best Jazz & Crossover (Performance)
Check Kim/Jaeil Jung – The Methodologies

Best Film and TV Music (Album)

It seems that our girl’s hit song still got milked for all it’s worth, winning awards from various events. But it is not only the awards that matter but the happiness we can share with the girls as they get the well deserved recognition for making us fans happy. At the end of the day: CONGRATULATIONS SNSD. We love you.

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3 of the girls,namely Tiffany,Yoona & SeoHyun represented SNSD to take up their awards. Here are the videos from the award show itself.

Artist Of The Year

Song Of The Year

Credits : SmoothyEcoS02@Youtube.com

KMA Song of the Year is just as prestigious as other Daesang Awards so it’s a happy day, especially since Korean fans had zero expectation to win this award and it’s the first time an idol group won a top KMA trophy. The judges are composed of music critics and kpop insiders. I don’t think they mean Gee was the 2009’s best song musically but it’s another sign of Gee’s influence in kpop history being recognized by the industy. I noticed this sentiment(Gee as a song representing an era in kpop) was building up in discussions on Korean sites in the last few months. Congratulations SNSD~

Now that I know more about the KMA…it makes me even prouder and happier as a fan. This is another home run for SNSD :)-Boss