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As we know our little Seobaby is now attending college and despite the busy schedule, she still makes time to go to classes. To everyone that doubted if she could ever go..we all know the true nerd Seo is. She won’t ever pass up going to class if she can make it 🙂

With such a famous celebrity going to their school, students can’t help but ask for some signatures. Just a few pictures to show JUST how crazy it gets with the maknae around.

credits;energywen, soompi

Girls and boys alike surround her. I’m sure the students are kind enough to wait until class is over to bother her of course 🙂 There were pictures of Yuri at college too..but my dumb ass lost em. My apologies :\

Maknae is probably doing wonderfully in college these days being the studious girl she is. Now if only she’d go to school with me this fall..sigh.