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UPDATE: RUN DEVIL RUN ‘STORY’ MV HD – added at the bottom.

As previously mentioned, the paid version of the SNSD  iPhone app contains ‘exclusive’ photos of the girls, and now also has been updated with some ‘exclusive’ videos. In case you’re wondering, they were not from Byunsica’s ‘exclusive’ collection. Included, is a second version of the Run Devil Run mv, which tells the story (continuing from the Oh! mv) of how dark soshi got here.

The story MV is up and posted along with two interviews, one with the group and one in english with JETI. The official web release of the story MV will be at 3pm KST on March 31st.

For all you JeTi shippers out there, here’s to another moment…in English! <33

Edited by zheming.

Here’s the story version of ‘Run Devil Run’ Music Video! It was extracted from the RDR iPhone application and thus quality might not be great. Stay tuned to tomorrow for the official release!

cr: sment+breakingthis @Youtube & bossa747@twitter.