All this time, Maria SNSDKorean staff have been feeding you ideas that don of SNSD is Sica, well.. we have been proved wrong by the girls.
^That picture from the good song was hilarious. I couldn’t find our old HQ one, so just bear with a screenshot everyone!

According to Story Show Music, the girls confessed that while fans think that TaeYeon has the most leadership, it is actually…

who has the most leadership, followed by SeoHyun and then HyoYeon. On this show, other lists were generated by fans, with each of the girls coming at #1 in a category. The only ones the girls agreed with were height and the order of joining SME. So look foward to this show in the near future! Thanks to allkpop’s heartfacee for the info!


Woo interesting huh? I would have never thought the others would listen to our american girl… and Seobaby? What the? I thought she’d come in last! In my mind, I always thought it was more of Jessica, Sooyoung, and HyoYeon. I guess I got one right!

And heyt Maria! I anticipate another don-related post coming soon!