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Weee! It’s finally the weekend and that means, tons? of new subbed videos! (kind of) I couldn’t really post anything on the weekdays since school have been so busy lately but the weekend are here!  The full subbed episode for Dream Team is out, Star Golden Bell with Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Sooyoung, SNSD on Kiss the Radio !  So far, I’ve only seen cuts from Dream Team but hopefully the full episode is even better! Anyway, I’m just going to post up Part 1 of each episode so click on the video to go to youtube and find the uploader and stuff, or click on the credits on the bottom of this post =] Enjoy the videos!

Dream Team Part 1:

Star Golden Bell Part 1:

Kiss the Radio Part 1:

Credit: SweetTaeng@youtube.com and whizfiz@youtube.com