This is like the latest news I have ever released in my life lol so I apologize for that. At the same time, I can’t remember where I read the translations and since no subbed video is out, I’ll just wing it from memory but I can assure you 99% of it is true. The wording might be a tad off 😛

I only just remembered it as I was doing English homework and…well my thoughts tend to wander. Anyway, after you read this: you’ll know why I looooveee the mushroom ❤

The second the girls made their comeback for Oh!, they were on Maybee’s radio and there the girls had a nice chat with Maybee unni.

They were talking about a specific incident where they once again tricked Seobaby into drinking. I think it was some fruity drink with alcohol mixed into it. Seo had arrived late to the restaurant and the unnis just handed her the drink and she took a sip. No idea alcohol was in it. I THINK the girls told her (or maybe Tiff did) in the end.

Maybee then went on asking the girls who the strongest drinker is…and the girls answered pretty quickily. Tiffany. They claimed she can take some major shots. 😀 DATS MAH GURRRLLL.

Now who doesn’t want to get crunk with snsd. Dunno about you but I wouldn’t pass up the chance. Anyway, ssfsubs hasn’t subbed this yet so unless you youtube it, I’d just wait for pink subs. Sweeet 🙂