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Here’s a bunch of random bits and pieces of news~

First, SNSD’s LQ ‘Oh’ cute at SGB. I haven’t seen them for soooo long at SGB, so I can’t wait to watch the whole show… seems like SGB has been on the low down compared to other shows like show king and strong heart eh?

Second, Fany + Soo + YoonA + Seo baby @ Strong Heart. Included are Eng Subbed vid of Fany/YoonA/Taec explaining… *cough*… and a clip of them singing bits and pieces of ‘Oh’.. lots of cutie seobaby here.. she sure is stepping up, isn’t she?

And lastly… you must be wondering wtf is that picture I posted at the top… unless you’ve been watching God of Study like me! YES THATS RIGHT! That drama is so easy to understand that I have been watching it ON PAR with koreans… with no subs. And SNSD was briefly shown through their MV during a part where chan doo (one of the students) was studying. Here’s just some screenshots I captured for your curiousity. It’s quite funny as the kid had this totally puppy dog love on his face as he saw our girls.