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Trusty Seng Aun, a reader and fan of SNSD, commented that SNSD will be performing star star star tomorrow on MuCore! WHO IS EXCITED? I know that star star star is doing very well on charts AND its atleast two of staff’s top picks, so I’m expecting great things!

I’m hoping with all my heart they will get to perform the full song. I have a feeling it’s probably going to be half of a song, *but* since it’s MuCore and they seem to back up our girls fully… who knows :P?

For now, if you haven’t heard the song yet or want to enjoy some subs, watch this video by nfyaok @ youtube. The creator actually made the effort to put pictures of each girls during their turn to sing, so if you can’t recongnize the girls’ voices by now, you can watch and learn! I’m not sure if it’s all correct, but I’ve watched/heard it a few times, most of it seems pretty correct to me. But I think one of Sunny’s part is Seohyun’s.. I might be wrong though! Or else it’s odd because if the video is right, Sunnybunny will have A LOT of parts in this song then.

For Star Star Star, not only the main/lead/vocal1+2+3 amazed me, but I’m most pleased about Soo‘s and Hyo‘s solos, they sounded really good. YoonA’s narration at the front makes me think SM should totally make a mini drama video out of this. Who’s with me!?

VidCR:kkbluvv@soshified.com for the translation