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More pictures from their commercial, which btw, they’re supposed to be lovers ❤ I dont know who I’m more jealous of now.

credits; circe@yoonyul, bekkychan@soompi

Can’t wait for the CF to start airing sometime this month!


More 9pm love <33

Little fan account by Wooyoung fan from Win Win recording yesterday

… Taeyeon kept coughing. Wooyoung and Shinyoung were taking good care of her. Sooyoung was a guest too and Hwang Jungmin and other guys only kept talking about Sooyoung and Taeng looked lonely keke so cute… When Kim Hyunchul ripped his pants Taeyeon just laughed uncontrollably kekeke… Taengoo gave handshakes to every fan who asked and took pictures together. She’s so freakin pretty and so nice. I think I am really going to be her fan now keke

-credits silis7noy